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Imagine the Hockey Hall of Fame without Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr or Mario Lemieux. Imagine the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame without Jordan or Magic. Imagine the Pro Football Hall of Fame without Joe Montana or Jerry Rice. Imagine the Baseball Hall of Fame without Pete Rose, oh wait that is something we don’t need to imagine. It’s a reality. It’s a reality that needs to change. It makes no sense that the man, who was a batting champion three times, is not in the Hall of Fame.

Seventeen time All Star at five different positions, three time World Series champ, and MVP in 1973. All time leader in hits (4256), games played (3562), singles (3215) and at bats (14,053). If that small sample of this man’s resumes isn’t good enough for the baseball Hall of Fame, then the Hall of Fame shouldn’t exist.

Pete Rose was essentially banned for betting on baseball while still involved as a player and manager.  The ban, at the time, was well deserved. I have no issue with him being banned for something that violated baseball rules. Betting on sports at that time was somewhat considered taboo, so I understand the issue baseball had with it. Flash forward to 2020 and betting on sports is being legalized in many states. It is longer viewed in such a bad light as it was back in the day. Baseball needs to allow Pete Rose the chance to be voted into the Hall of Fame. It’s good for Pete Rose and ultimately good for baseball as a whole. I don’t believe I’m in the minority in saying “I don’t want to see Rose inducted posthumously into the Hall of Fame.” MLB commissioner Rob Manfred needs to reinstate Rose and end this sad saga for good. Baseball needs Pete Rose and Pete Rose needs baseball.

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